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backspace does not work

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Jim Booker

backspace does not work

When I telnet to any of my hp unix servers, for some reason I have to use control backspace
instead of just plain backspace when I want to
backspace. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
Jay Newman
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Re: backspace does not work

Depending on your terminal (or emulator), your backspace key may be sending control-H or something other than what your unix servers are expecting.
If you can determine what character is being sent to the host when you press backspace, try entering the following into your .profile and log out and in:
stty erase "^H"
(in my case, my backspace sends control-H)
Try man stty for more info.

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harry d brown jr
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Re: backspace does not work

Check your termtype, on your hpux machine, if you can get to a unix prompt, type in echo $TERM

Make sure your telnet session matches. vt100 is usually a safe bet.
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Rajeev Tyagi
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Re: backspace does not work


Can you check your stty settings for erase as follows.
#stty | grep erase
If it is not set for backspace then you can set it for your environment as follows.
#stty erase

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Re: backspace does not work

Hi Jim,

I had the same problem, But i was using exceed - telnet to login into my unix box. The setting i was required to modify was
Select Host Name --> Edit Profile --> Terminal --> Keyboard Options --> Set Backspace to True Backspace.

I was earliar getting ^? when i use to press the backspace key.

Hope this helps
Richard Darling
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Re: backspace does not work

I get this problem intermittently on different terminals, and chose the lazy person's approach. I wrote a little script and called it "b". Whenever I have this problem I just enter b at the prompt.
Here it is:

# this script sets erase to the backspace key
# located in /usr/bin
# created 05/08/1999 by Richard Darling

stty erase ^?
echo "the backspace key is now functional"
Steve Post
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Re: backspace does not work

The backspace key is ^?, or ^H, or something else. The term type is VT220, or VT100, or ANSI, or something else? Assuming I have a terminal type of: I don't care. And the backspace key is the sequence: I don't care.

I get the backspace key working this way...

I type "stty erase "
I press control and v at the same time.
I press what I "decree" to be the backspace key.
I hit the enter key.

There. It's fixed on whatever thingy you were using to connect to HP.

Re: backspace does not work

Hi Jim,
$stty erase

You can make any character as erase; such as
$stty erase k
The backspace work only when you press k. I have given just example.
You can look detail what characters and function assigned by just
$stty -a