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Re: backup recovery

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Re: backup recovery


well, at least the backup is readable.
You should change the initGMD.ora back to the
original content concerning the control_files parameter. Be sure not to have these esc-sequences inside it.
Maybe delete the entire line and retype it without using cursor keys.
Make sure that the target directories for the
controlfiles exist and are writeable for oragmd.

btw: you hav only an initGMD.ora, or do you have a spfileGMD.ora as well?

Try a repeat of the brrestore -m 0
Check the logs if the file has been copied to all the desired locations.
If not, copy manually from where ever the file had been restored to.

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Re: backup recovery


see your thread
I assumed you were using a spfile. What is the oracle version ? do you use an init.ora file (text) or spfile.
for the spfile refer to the other thread.
For an init.ora file (text) use the editor change the file.

startup nomount and check values for your controlfile(s).

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Re: backup recovery

I sucessfully recover old offline whole database.
Main problem with control files which are damage (2 out of 3).another one is permission problem like owner and read write permission setting to the control files and other files
-here i am using spfile and oracle 9.2 and sap ecc 5.0 and os is HPUX

-- thanks to all
- i still face some major problem which is related to startsap. so now plz help me in other problems which r mention in new thread named 'startsap'

Thanks again ...!