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bakup problems

Occasional Visitor

bakup problems

dear sirs

We have a problem concerning oracle data base , we use data protector as a backup tool integrated with oracle database , the media used is tape library MSL6060.

Problem history:

one of our data base was corrupted so using data protector with "restore with recovery " and "override"' options During this restore session we received
some errors which is attached with the letter â error1â

we tried again to restore the same data base with the same options above using an older
date than the previous one ,but we also received an error message also attached â error2â

trying to restore the data base with" restore option only without using recovery option so the restore is completed with no errors.

We think that we may have a problem with RMAN script also attached
â scriptâ

After that we stop the backup schedule for two months then we started it again we received an error attached â error3â .

Scenario 2:
For the same database ,there is another issue which is after backing up the database using data protector ,RMAN should delete the archive logs unfortunately it does not happen so the file system increase rapidly by rate 2% daily till â /oraarch/ars becomes 93% â which force us to use:
RMAN command â backup archivelog all delete all input;â
to reduce the file system size ,now it becomes 70%.

Scenario 3:

We have another database â cramerâ ,once we halt the pkg which manage the the cramer database after the pkg run ,we try to start database but it does not start up ,so we restore the database with
No recovery option ,the restore process completed successfully after we start the backup schedule ,the backup completed but we receive a message during a backup session which is highlighted on attached file â error4â

Scenario 4:
We have also another database called â snyoâ which forks a lot of listener process to temip application, when we start backup using data protector the backup fails and we recive message â can not connect the databaseâ during the backup session ,the No., of process and the NO., of established sessions are attached â ps-oraclesynoâ and â netstat-oraclesynoâ

Finally, we hope that we declare the problem well, for any further declaration you
Can mail me.

Best regards