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can't detect all scsi tape

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can't detect all scsi tape


I got SAN storage config with MSL6000 16 drive.
If I browse from windows 2000, it can recoqnize all drive, but if from linux redhat AS 2.1, it only recoqnize 7 drive with 1 robot.
actually it is connected to EVA storage also, and linux can recoqnize all EVA lun.
why ??

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Re: can't detect all scsi tape

We had the same problem. The command we used to force it to recognize the drives was /usr/sbin/probe-luns -i -l -c . This should enlighten your Linux box as to the existence of the tape drives. Also we had to place this in a startup script in order for the server to recognize the tapes on a reboot.