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cd writer plus 8100 and windows xp beta 2

chris nash_1
Occasional Contributor

cd writer plus 8100 and windows xp beta 2

I was wondering if anyone had managed to get their cd writer working with XP because I cant get it to work. When launching the setup from the cd I am told that there is no cd writer attached to my computer and I know this is not the case as it works fine in win 98.
Your help would be much appreciated.
Chris Nash
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: cd writer plus 8100 and windows xp beta 2


HP hasn't released any drivers for XP yet since it is still in BETA. If you are using the Microsoft supplied drivers, you should post your question in the XP BETA forum at Microsoft. I'm sure they would like to know about this and they are asking for feedback such as yours. You should have received the URL for the BETA newsgroup with your software. I'm sure there are others out in that forum that have had this same issue. I doubt many people will be posting here since the product is not supported yet and we haven't released any drivers.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes