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tony james_1
Occasional Visitor


We have several HP cd writers. We use them to create our own software CD to be
installed by our engineers.

I am really frustrated by the number of times the customers computer will not
read the CD. We waste hours transfering files and data.

Is it me or do I need a different writer.
Neil Gast_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: cd-writer

Your problem is a combination between your CD burner and the CD-Rs you're
using. The newer writers are better equipped to handle the array (quality) of
the different CD-Rs, and the newer CD-Rs are better quality, and can be handled
by the older CD-ROM devices.

The technology is not yet up to snuff. You'll probably need to buy newer CD
burners if your current ones are a bit outdated. Also, be sure not to buy the
cheapest CD-Rs. There is a quality difference.