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cdump file in usr/bin

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Regular Advisor

cdump file in usr/bin

hi, my file size increase tremendously in usr/bin, and i found the a lot of big file in cdump file, can I delete the files ? , if can how to delete it ? i can't even go in to cdump file directory. and why is my system create so many core file ?
below is the output for file > 10mb


amcodb1:/usr# find . -size +10000000c |pg
./bin/cdump file/core
./bin/cdump file/core0
./bin/cdump file/core_10377/core
./bin/cdump file/core_10430/core
./bin/cdump file/core_10474/core
./bin/cdump file/core_10623/core
./bin/cdump file/core_11265/core
./bin/cdump file/core_12734/core
./bin/cdump file/core_12935/core
./bin/cdump file/core_1336/core
./bin/cdump file/core_13636/core
./bin/cdump file/core_13678/core
./bin/cdump file/core_14633/core
./bin/cdump file/core_14801/core
./bin/cdump file/core_14946/core
./bin/cdump file/core_15281/core
./bin/cdump file/core_16145/core
./bin/cdump file/core_16692/core
./bin/cdump file/core_18174/core
./bin/cdump file/core_18398/core
./bin/cdump file/core_19117/core
./bin/cdump file/core_20446/core
./bin/cdump file/core_21902/core
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin

You can't even "go" in to cdump directory because there is no cdump directory. However, I supect that a 'cd "cdump file"' will work just fine. This is not a standard directory and it appears be a ton of core files in this directory. Remove them.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin

Who is the owner of these files and directories?

>i can't even go in to cdump file directory.

Sure you can. Just fool that evil user that created that directory with a space: ;-)
$ cd "cdump file"

Once you get there, what does "file core" show?
Regular Advisor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin

thanks you guy, i managed to go in to "cdump file", but can i delete the whole "cdump file", before delete should i shutdown my Oracle database / application ?

Regular Advisor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin

the contents of "cdump file" is something like this

5946 cdump file/core_14167
15162 cdump file/core_14633
11450 cdump file/core_14801
22458 cdump file/core_14946
8378 cdump file/core_15108
16186 cdump file/core_15281
2682 cdump file/core_15528
6458 cdump file/core_15772
5306 cdump file/core_15794
8252 cdump file/core_15819
10816 cdump file/core_16145
4666 cdump file/core_16534
27450 cdump file/core_16692
7610 cdump file/core_16935
3642 cdump file/core_17441
3898 cdump file/core_17513
2682 cdump file/core_1799
9794 cdump file/core_18174
5215 cdump file/core_18217
7362 cdump file/core_18381
10946 cdump file/core_18398
7490 cdump file/core_18626
9410 cdump file/core_18766
22978 cdump file/core_19117
6978 cdump file/core_1978
2882 cdump file/core_20074
14914 cdump file/core_20446
6722 cdump file/core_20775
12098 cdump file/core_21902
8130 cdump file/core_2248
9034 cdump file/core_22614
4662 cdump file/core_22666
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin

>the contents of "cdump file" is something like this

These are directories. You need to be in "cdump file" and then use:
$ file core core0 */*
Regular Advisor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin

hi, pls check attached file. thanks

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin

>pls check attached file

They all seem to be signal 6 aborts from oracle. You may want to talk to them and look at their documentation.

You obviously can move these file elsewhere if you need the space. I have no idea why they are in /usr/bin/ and not /var/ somewhere. Unless you can configure it.

Were these aborts all at once, or continuing over days??
Honored Contributor

Re: cdump file in usr/bin


you should contact Oracle Support for this issue.

Also verify you alert.log log for error messages.

The cdump seems to have been improperly configured.

Login to the database as the DBA and run the following command:

SQL> show parameter dump

e.g.>show parameter dump

____________________________________ ___________ ______________________________
background_core_dump string partial
background_dump_dest string /u01/app/oracle/admin/mydb/bdump
core_dump_dest string /u01/app/oracle/admin/mydb/cdump
max_dump_file_size string UNLIMITED
shadow_core_dump string PARTIAL
user_dump_dest string /u01/app/oracle/admin/mydb/udump>

kind regards
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