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changing default font

Allan Braunstein
Occasional Visitor

changing default font

I am using laserjet 6L printers in my office. I have just installed an
appointment book program, but am not satisfied with the size of the font in
the printout. the limited "help" refers to the default windows font. It says
that this is the only way to change the font. I found a site with the JPl
configuration wizard. Is this what I want to use? I tried but became confused.
Please advise. Thank you
Dan Hull
Regular Advisor

Re: changing default font

You didn't say, but I assume you're on either Win 95, 98, or NT, and not 3.x

If you go into the Windows Control Panel and run the Display settings, you can
change certain fonts that Windows uses. But it won't let you change the font
that applications actually use inside their windows. You can only change the
fonts that the windows themselves use (like title bars, etc.)

You may want to contact the creator of your new program for more assistance.

Another possibility is that you need to change the default font the printer
uses. I know on older LaserJet s with LCD displays, you could set a default
font, but very few programs use these settings, especially from inside windows.