Re: check if 32 or 64-bit system using live CD

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Lucifer Megacruel
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Re: check if 32 or 64-bit system using live CD

Just as you would normally :) .

If you have internet connection get fasm from the net, else put it in a usb drive and mount it or prepare a live CD with the above program in it. Search the internet for remastering or ( knoppix remastering ).

Or else you can use the .as assembler that comes with most of the Linux distributions. I am more familiar with intel syntax than at & t syntax and fasm is the assembler i have been using lately :).

With as assembler you need to reverse the operands , add a suffix to indicate size , replace [] with () , use % for registers etc , etc.. .pain IMHO.

Another thing you can do is make use of GCC inline assembly . I am not a big fan of inline assembly, I prefer writing .asm modules in assembly itself and later linking separately. That way you keep architecture specific code out from your C code .

GNU as is more or less written as a compiler back end where the compiler always feeds it with correct code , not really suitable for hand coding.

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