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cloning/copying oracle 9i to oracle 9i rac

jim rosser
Occasional Visitor

cloning/copying oracle 9i to oracle 9i rac

We are looking to setup the following environment. Machine A runinng oracle 9i database - let call it SIDa.

A veritas cluster environment running oracle 9i rac.

once a month we want to take the database from machine a (i.e. SIDA) and using hardware facilities copy/snap it to the disk attached to the cluster environment.... and then bring up the database.

Has anyone done this.

At the very least I know we will need to shutdown the database on the cluster environment.
1. Should I export the Verits volumes also?

2. When the copy/snap is complete do I have to do anything at the Veritas level to get the volumes over to the shared/clustered environment.

3. What about the database.... seems that something will have to be done to change it to the rac environment?

Any help would be appreciated. Still in the planning stages on this one.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: cloning/copying oracle 9i to oracle 9i rac

Several options:

You can shut down the database break the mirror, restart the database, copy off the data while the database is starting up again.

After the copy is done, standard oracle cloning will work.

A cold backup(copy in this case) will accomplish your goal.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation