Re: color laserjet 8550 & hung queue

Donovan Finch
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color laserjet 8550 & hung queue

Our 8550 likes to hang up the print queue on our HP-UX 11 server. It seems to be related to powerpoint files especially with imbedded objects. The printer will disply a ready condition, but the queue on the server will still display the last job printed at the top of the job list. The queue will not send the next job unless you manually delete the offending job from the queue. This happens fairly randomly and is mostly unreproduceable, even with the identical file that hung the queue in the first place. We are beginning to suspect demonic possession. Any help would be most appreciated!
Jeff Schussele
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Re: color laserjet 8550 & hung queue

Hi Donovan,

My guess would be the ptr I/F may be playing a part here. IF you have an older JetAdmin version, it didn't have a good def for this ptr. The newer JatAdmin's do.
Since you don't specify how this ptr is connected (to another server, as a net device, etc.) I'm just assuming you're using JetAdmin.
Also could be the queue timeout value as well. It may be taking the ptr a while to interpret & act on the data & this may be causing the queue timeout to be exceeded.
SO...I'd look at JetAdmin version & get current w/it & look at queue settings on the ptr or in JetAdmin. Could also be occasional network trouble involved also. Try extended, large pkt size pings to the IP for the ptr when you're having trouble.

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