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command querry

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command querry

I am not a newbie to hp-ux but just want to know that after we have run a specific command how does the commad internally works to get us the desired output? like what system call it internall calls, how may process it spawns and what is the command execution flow? etc

Thx for the answers.

James R. Ferguson
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Re: command querry


As a general answer, it would be helpful to run 'tusc' against an actual command (process):


Pete Randall
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Re: command querry

You want us to tell you all the possible system calls invoked by all the possible commands? That could be a little tough. I would suggest that you might start by a careful read of the man pages for the particular command that you're interested in.


Mel Burslan
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Re: command querry

This question sounded like a mid-term question for "systems programming 401" class to me. If you are really curious about how HP-UX innards operate in the system calls level, I'd suggest you buy the HP-UX 11i Internals book and read it. I am sure it will put you sleep faster than an Ambien CR pill, but here it is:
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Frank de Vries
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Re: command querry

Tusc is already mentioned,
really good tool.

But indeed it is usefulness when you can compare a good and bad process increases,
because it is easier to compare the differences.

Another good one is 'lsof'
You can get lsof from the HP porting and archive centre at

have fun ...
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Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: command querry


tusc is the tool which trace unix system calls.

Read the man page here to know more about it.
Best wishes,