Re: compiling hp_qla2x00 on 2.6.24

Berk Ulsoy
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compiling hp_qla2x00 on 2.6.24

I am trying to compile hp_qla2x00 using 2.6.24 on a non-redhat/suse distribution.

Although the driver comes from the end of the 2007, it references some old structs and calls deprecated long time ago.

1. It is using pci_module_init, which has been replaced pci_register_driver. I modified the relevant lines.

2. It is using SET_MODULE_OWNER which has been silently deprecated also. I put the folowing line in linux/netdevice.h :

#define SET_MODULE_OWNER(dev) do { } while (0)

3. This one is the one I stuck. It tries to use kmem_cache_t . This has also been replaced with a struct in linux/slab.h by the end of 2006. I do not feel comfortable with adding ancient typedef definitions from old kernels because I am not sure if it can break.

What can you suggest to me, besides using RHEL5 ?

Does HP has an updated early access version (beta is ok) of this driver ?

thanks a lot

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Berk Ulsoy
Steven E. Protter
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Re: compiling hp_qla2x00 on 2.6.24

Shalom Berk,

Suse is supported, by PSP which includes code for these drivers. I would recommend a more up to date version of PSP to get your code.

If you are trying to compile for an unsupported version of Suse, I don't think this will succeed.

Steven E Protter
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Re: compiling hp_qla2x00 on 2.6.24


If you are just looking at using the QLogic drivers built-in failover you can just download the newest version from upstream here:

Just make sure you enable failover at compile time (if you need it).