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crash when closing dtterm

romano r
Frequent Advisor

crash when closing dtterm

I've a C3000 box with HP-UX10.20, often, but not always, the machine crash when the console user close its dtterm before logout. I ask to HP they exclude an HW failure. I installed the latest patches supplied with "Support plus CD" of dec 2001 and I have a same HW same patch level machine that has never had this problem.

Some suggestion?

Thank you
S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: crash when closing dtterm

Does it core dump after the crash ? It may be helpful if it does (examine the core file for suspected error). Regarding patches, double check to make sure they are the latest, among the patches that you should pay attention to are ..
- CDE Runtime
- X/Motif Runtime
- Xserver Cumulative
- XClients
You said "not always". Are you able to find a common incident to relate this to ? For example "this always happen if I got .. so and so .. running on the workstation".