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creating db, want to know ...

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K.C. Chan
Trusted Contributor

creating db, want to know ...

Creating Database via template, the following tablespace:
what are they for?

In addition, can I exclude tables space:

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Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: creating db, want to know ...

Hi Chan,

The CWMLITE tablespace is related to OLAP and this tablespace is for the OLAPSYS objects. It holds the repository for Oracle OLAP Services which you must have included during Database Creation via the DBCA.

XML Database (XDB) option. XDB provides a high-performance, native XML storage and retrieval technology.

Likewise you might have the users WMSYS (ORACLE WORKSPACE MANAGER) schema, CTXSYS, MDSYS, ORDSYS (They are oracle InterMedia schemas and users), these will be created if you choose the respective options.

You can safely drop the above assuming of course you do not use those features within your instance.

On the other hand tablespaces (TOOL, USERS, INDX), the required tablespaces are SYSTEM, UNDO, TEMP, TOOLS at the minimum. In prior releases, the UNDO tablespace was called RBS

To store objects related to users, you require the USERS or DATA tablespace depending on the nameing of your system. Normally USERS tablespace is used as the default tablespace for the application development users / or other users defined in the database who create objects for testing. The DATA (what ever name you prefer), is required to store the schema data in tables and the INDX tablespace (what ever name you may call) is used for the indexes.

Indira A
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