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crontab HP-UX

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crontab HP-UX

Hello every one,


My case is the following... I have configured my crontab for send email with aliases:



# Alias for mailer daemon
root    :

# RFC 822 requires that every host have a mail address "postmaster"
postmaster      : root

# Aliases to handle mail to msgs and news
nobody          : /dev/null

# System Admistration aliases
operator        : root
uucp            : root
daemon          : root

# Ftp maintainer.
ftp-bugs        : root

# Local aliases


- When I make a cron job, I receive TWO emails, when I have only one with a subjets, let me show you my job in crontab:


40 4 * * * /export/backup/programas/sv0011/ | mailx -s "PortalAverroes-backup-NETBACKUP" root >/dev/null 2>&1


- Like you see, I want receive the output of the script "PortalAverroes"; in fact I receive this, but twice:


First email with subject like I want: "PortalAverroes-backup-NETBACKUP"


Second email with subject like i dont want: "[] cron"


Do you know how resolv this condition??


In fact I tried place a { >/dev/null 2>&1 } condition, but in the body of the email of "cron" I receive the output like this:


Cron: El mensaje anterior es la salida estándar
      y el error estándar de uno de sus comandos crontab:

/export/backup/programas/puck/ | mailx -s "Archivado de archivelog oracle y wal postgresql" root >/dev/null 2>&1


Thanks a lot.



Dennis Handly
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Re: cron sending mail

>When I make a cron job, I receive TWO emails


You have two commands in your pipeline.  With 4 outputs and one of those is sent as stdin to mailx(1).

You are handling the stdout/stderr for mailx but not stderr for your script.

So you either need to redirect or duplicate it: 2>&1 | mailx -s "PortalAverroes-backup-NETBACKUP" root >/dev/null 2>&1


So it is cron(1m) that is sending that second mail, which would be more obvious to everyone if the message was in English.

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Re: cron sending mail

This works!