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database problem

Frequent Advisor

database problem

Hi all,

I have HP-UX 10.20 over a K380 server, I have installed Oracle 7.1 and a application that make query and insert data into the database.
Data comes from many sources trough a x25 network, and there're certain kind of occurrences in which the data arrive in a intempestive way.

Data incoming occupies the lowest virtual circuits free, when there's massive data incoming, there's a problem with the application and in many cases it falls down.

I've found a temporary solution which is stopping data incoming from the source problem.

Could it be a database problem?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Dave Chamberlin
Trusted Contributor

Re: database problem

Perhaps the first thing to look at might be your server performance. Are CPU or IO resouces strained? A lot of insert activity could cause disk performance problems if datafiles are not optimally distributed etc. Can you give more information on the server (RAM, disks etc)? Also at what rate is the data coming in and how are your oracle datafiles distributed?
Frequent Advisor

Re: database problem

Well, data is coming to 9600 bps.
In the file attached is the information provided by Ignite.

I'll sent in a while the datafiles distribution
Frequent Advisor

Re: database problem

some oracle views in the file attached
Brian Crabtree
Honored Contributor

Re: database problem

I dont know if you mistyped, but in your original, you put "Oracle 7.1". If this is true, I would suggest that you upgrade to at least 8.0.6, or 8i if possible.

Also, can you turn timed_statistics on your database, and look at the v$filestat view again. The "READTIME" and "WRITETIME" columns are 0 because this is set to false. You might be able to set this by running "alter system set timed_statistics = true;" from the command line, however in Oracle 7 you might have to bounce the database.

Also, look at your logfile size and archive parameters. It could be that your redo logfiles could be filling up, and hanging the database until they can be archived.