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databases from hpux to linux 7.2

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Honored Contributor

databases from hpux to linux 7.2

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has any stats or advice of moving an informix database from hpux to linix 7.2. Any pros cons .. performance issues any kind of information on this subject is welcome.

Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

Re: databases from hpux to linux 7.2

I have the following advice based on 4rd hand experience and a bit of my own:

1. Use >=IDS7.31 or IDS2000 and get the latest UD/UC release for your Linux platform. There have been issues in the past with 7.30.
2. Check the i/o rate for the target platform and compare with what you have at the moment.
3. You may need to hack the linux kernel for numbers of users etc.
4. In general the same configuration rules apply with respect to memory, disks, networks etc.

There have been some large installations of informix on Linux (e.g. SAP) but also some with large user populations so it is a proven platform.

The only development issue I have had is combining esql/c with Gnome gtk. Esqlc refused to accept some of the gtk include files (.h) as syntactically valid, so I had to separate database ops into separate compilation modules from display (yuck) and link them together afterwards. That doesn't make for easily maintainable code.