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datafile restore

datafile restore


Recently my OS is crashed , iam not to recover the OS. I simply reinstall OS & oracle 10g. MY question is before server crash i was taken cold backup for a datafile. i want to know how to restore this datafile into a new tablespace ?
please tell me step by step process.
Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: datafile restore


"simply reinstall" is mostly the "worst"
method to choose because it takes more time
than it takes to do a proper restore.

- Install OS
- Patch OS up to date
- Install applications
- Patch applications up to date
- configure OS and applications manually so
they fit into your landscape again.
-- And lastly: Worry about your database

In addition, I think there is no way to do
this with only one datafile having been
backed up.
There might be a chance, if you have all the
datafiles of SYSTEM and UNDO tablespaces in
At least one controlfile and the online
redologs in addition would be better.

Better before you do your "simply reinstall"
-> boot from CD and see if you can access
the volume group with your datafiles without
re-formatting those "application"-disks.
May be those disks are still usable if only an OS disk did crash.