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dblink from oracle 9i point to oracle 8i

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malay boy
Trusted Contributor

dblink from oracle 9i point to oracle 8i

Anybody have try this.Create a dblink at Oracle 9i and that dblink point to Oracle 8i database.

uhm!!!! any issue ?.

There are three person in my team-Me ,myself and I.
Peter Godron
Honored Contributor

Re: dblink from oracle 9i point to oracle 8i

have just created dblink from 10g to 8i and it worked ok.
Only thing to note was to replace SERVICE_NAME with SID in tnsnames.ora.

So add the 8i host to your tnsnames.ora on 9i, restart the listener and create your db link.

create database link fred connect to system identified by manager using '8imachine';

I checked with:
select * from v$version@fred;
Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor

Re: dblink from oracle 9i point to oracle 8i


We have just finished installing
an Oracle 9i (9.2.07) and we
needed to create some private dblinks to be used in synonyms to access a schema from
a database on a different node

Worked fine.
I needed to ensure the correct tnsnames file
is file found and I always test my dblink first
with a select * from dual@dblink
and it came up positive.

No issues I am afraid.

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