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debian on Compaq nx-6125

Occasional Contributor

debian on Compaq nx-6125

hi, im new in the notebook's word. im installig debian (Sarge by now) as OS, but nothing (video,sound,pci's) is recognize. Where can i find suport, modules, etc...
after the instalation, it promp several times "APIC ERROR ON CPU0: 40(40)"
what that mean??

someone could make it work well??

if more info is needed please ask.
sorry for my horrible english, im from argentina ;)
Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: debian on Compaq nx-6125

Hi Angel,

Google is your friend :-). I found this :

It seems that nx-6125 is popular in Argentina...

Good lcuk.
Learn and explain...
Occasional Contributor

Re: debian on Compaq nx-6125

Thanks, anyway
I manage yesterday to complete de configuration but i not write it because it was almost 5 AM :-0.
about the apic error, i only could it "work" passing "noapic" to the kernel.
thank for all