Re: delayed login on a L2000

Paul Romanek
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delayed login on a L2000

I have L2000 server running hpux 11.0, When I added a nameserver to the resolv.conf I started experiencing delayed logins on my server from our remote sites. This happens intermittently, mostly on the first login. We are using kermit95 to telnet to the server but i do not think it is the problem. I have also edited nsswitch.conf and removed the nis lookup but still no go. I could use any idea's you may have to help resolve this problem.


Paul Romanek
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John Love_3
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Re: delayed login on a L2000

The problem is Host lookup. When you telnet to the machine, it tries to resolve your host name. It first tries files, then DNS and NIS if you have it setup that way in the nsswitch.conf file.
You can do 2 things.
1. remove DNS from the "hosts" line in the nsswitch.conf file. The problem with this is that if you're using it for e-mail and other internet stuff, it won't work properly, because it will not use DNS to lookup hostnames.
hosts: files [NOTFOUND=return]# dns nisplus nis
This will check the /etc/hosts file and then quit trying to resolve the hostname. It works.

2. Edit the /etc/hosts file to include all the machines that need to connect to this server.
This may not be entirely practical, but it could be the easiest. Depending on how many workstations are going to connect and if you are using DHCP.

Hope this helps.

Angus Crome
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Re: delayed login on a L2000

You might also try running a traceroute to the IP address of one of those workstations and also to the DNS name. See if the times or route paths differ. If they do, then your DNS server is either slow to respond or is causing a different route path to be followed.
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Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: delayed login on a L2000

1. Try reverse lookup on the remote servers to see if there is any delay.
2. On the server try both nslookup and lookups on the remote servers
2. Check your name server to see if itself is able to resolve the remote systems.

A pure DNS problem.

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