digital camera

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K.C. Chan
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digital camera

I am thinking of getting a digital camera, I plan to go with the following vendor:


Does any one know if the above vendor is supported under Linux. I am basing the purchase of the above on the availability of Linux driver. Thanks.
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Ron Kinner
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Re: digital camera

Frerk Friedrichsen_1
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Re: digital camera


Linux support vfat filesystem on the storage medium (CompactFlash, SmartCard ...)

If the camera use vfat to store the pictures on the storage medium it is possible to access with Linux.

You need the modules usb-core and usb-storage.
Plug on your cam and look in your syslog.
Linux should detect a SCSI device (dev/sda1)
and you can mount it easy.

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 "your mount point"

I have an Olympus C-3020 Z and it works perfect.

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Che Cordes
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Re: digital camera

I have an Olympus 4040Z and would recommend it for the picture quality and it's ease in connecting with a PC. Win2K recognizes it as a removable harddrive (older versions of Win may need USB drivers).

Here is a link to some info about getting this to work from the command line in linux:

Vincent Fleming
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Re: digital camera

Hey - what about an HP camera?

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