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Regular Advisor Error

I am finding the following message

/usr/lib/ Can't open shared library: /devsrc/ii20hp/w2/src/build/rplus/li
/usr/lib/ No such file or directory

in the /etc/rc.log file at every boot.
The message is immediately after the output of a small startup script, that doesn't give any error when launched from the command line. So, i think it comes out from something else.

Has any of you an idea to point me in the right direction ?

Thank you

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Error

Make sure you set the env. inside the script.

make sure that you set the SHLIB_PATH variable in the script which would include the lib dir required for the application to start.

Also you could do a

su - -c <script-name>

Kent Ostby
Honored Contributor

Re: Error

Enrico --

There is nothing for "" that shows up in either the HP databases or in a google search.

What is in the script that you are launching ?

Is this reproducible each time you run the script ?

Essentially the error above means that the system has been told to look for:


but that file does not exist on the system where you are running the script.

Check the system where the script was initially built and see if that library exists.

If so then you could move it over to avoid the error above.

Best regards,

Kent M. Ostby

"Well, actually, she is a rocket scientist" -- Steve Martin in "Roxanne"
Regular Advisor

Re: Error

after a search of the file I've seen it is related with the Ingres II DBMS.
Inserting the SHLIB_PATH (as suggested) in the startup script solved the problem.
I didn't notice it before because the database was starting up correctly

Thank you for your help