dlt vs80 tape on RH 7.2

Ronen Baram
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dlt vs80 tape on RH 7.2


I have RH 7.2 server with both SuperTrak SX6000 and Adaptec 2940U2 (only HP dlt vs80 tape attached to it).
I had installed the Promise drivers for RH 7.2 and the RAID array is well define and working.
But, although both the Promise and The Adaptec cards are recognized by the Linux (when I look at the "dmesg" - I see both devices), and the Tape is well shown on the "dmesg", I can't see it on the "lsmod" or on the "/proc/scsi/scsi" and "mt -t /dev/st0 status" won't give nothing. All I can see it the promise and that's all.

How can I attache the dlt tape to the /dev/st0?

- the Promise is scsi0 and Adaptec is scsi1.
- I've already add the "alias scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx" to the /etc/modules.conf.

Thank you for you help.
Stuart Browne
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Re: dlt vs80 tape on RH 7.2

Ok, when using 'dmesg', you can't see the tape listed at all?

Can you see the tape drive initilise when your system boots up (ie. scsi interface init's, lists all devices connected) ?

Do you have 'st' compiled into the kernel, or is it a loadable module (ie. default in RH7.2 is module)? And have you tried 'modprobe st' to see what happens?

Have you properly terminated the SCSI chain?

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Ronen Baram
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Re: dlt vs80 tape on RH 7.2

Thanx for the reply :)

I have checked all the above and I can add that in the hardware brower (in Linux) I can see the tape under "Tape Drive" as "Bnchmark DTL1".

So it seems like the Linux sees the tape but haven't attached the /dev/st0 to it.

How can I check if the st module is complied into the kernel?
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Re: dlt vs80 tape on RH 7.2


If st is a module, you can find
st in # lsmod output.

If st is in the kernel, you cann't find st in #lsmod output, but in
the dmesg, you can find "st: Version XXXX, bufsize .....".

If everything goes right, you may see "Attached scsi tape st0 at scsiX,Channel Y, id Z, lun 0" just after the st version message.
But I guess, you can not find this 2nd line....