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dns for intranet

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dns for intranet

hi ,

can i configure dns setup for our intranet.

I have 10 servers which i need to configure such that i f i send a mail to any 1 box , mail  must be downloaded on that box and also should be able to revert to the box. 

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Re: dns for intranet

Your question is rather vague.


> ... mail must be downloaded on that box...


"Downloaded" from where?


> ...also should be able to revert to the box.


I do not understand the word "revert" in this context. I cannot make any sense of this part of your sentence, sorry.


If you mean the each server should be able to receive email using the SMTP protocol, most versions of HP-UX will do this by default for all user accounts known to the server. This is not related to DNS at all: as long as you have not disabled the sendmail daemon from listening on port 25/TCP, this should happen by default.


With the default configuration, all the servers will have separate inboxes: if someone sends mail to zxcv@server3.your.domain, you must log into server3 to see it. This does not require anything special from DNS.


If you want shared mailboxes (i.e. if someone sends mail to zxcv@server5.your.domain and you want to log on to e.g. server7.your.domain and be able to read the mail), then the usual solution would be to have one server to act as a central mail server. Here you would need some DNS configuration: if, for example, server1.your.domain would be your central mail server, you would have to add Mail Exchanger (MX) DNS records for all the other servers  (server2..server10) to indicate that the mail for these servers is actually handled by server1. The DNS records would look like this:

server1.your.domain. IN A

server2.your.domain. IN A
server2.your.domain. IN MX 1 server1.your.domain.

server3.your.domain. IN A
server3.your.domain. IN MX 1 server1.your.domain.

The next step would be to configure server1 to accept email addressed to all 10 servers, and to share the inboxes (= the /var/mail directory) to all the other servers in some way. This would require some Sendmail configuration: at this point, the DNS's job is done.


You could use NFS to share the /var/mail directory to all the other servers, and mount it in place of the local /var/mail (and check very very carefully that all the mail client software used on your servers will handle lock files the right way, to prevent mailbox corruption as two servers attempt to modify the same mailbox at the same time).


Or you could set up POP3 and/or IMAP services on server1, and configure all the email clients on server2..server10 to use POP/IMAP for accessing the email inboxes. You would also have to configure Sendmail on servers 2..10 to always send the "local" email to server1 instead of processing it locally.

But this is no longer at all related to DNS.


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Re: dns for intranet

Thanks Matti .