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Re: dos/linux bios update for dv9620us

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dos/linux bios update for dv9620us

I am looking for a way to flash my bios from within linux or dos. The executable provided by HP is useless as it is windows only. any suggestions?
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Re: dos/linux bios update for dv9620us

hi ,
You get .exe file from HP just extract it using tar or any unzip program in linux and u will get a .bin file that is exactly your BIOS f/w.

in Linux u can use flash_rom utility that took me some time to find out.
LinuxBIOS v2 contains a flash utility called "flash_rom". It can be found under LinuxBIOS - in the package under freebios2/util/flash_and_burn.
# ./flash_rom --help
The arguments are:
usage: ./flash_rom [-rwv] [-c chipname] [-s exclude_start] [-e exclude_end] [file]
-r: read flash and save into file
-w: write file into flash (default when file is specified)
-v: verify flash against file
-c: probe only for specified flash chip
-s: exclude start position
-e: exclude end postion
If no file is specified, then all that happens
is that flash info is dumped

Or if u wanna go long way in DOS n linux read further:
So now u need to flash it. so flash is either using bootable CD in which u have to keep this bin file or use bios flash utility like award

For linux:

for DOS:
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Re: dos/linux bios update for dv9620us

there are no actual bin files that i can see after i extracted the update. there are 2 wph files and as far as i can tell it runs an encoded vb script file to determine which one is for your system.
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Re: dos/linux bios update for dv9620us


Yeah bios program need wph or bin file u can go ahead.