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downloading slow reports


downloading slow reports

hi experts,

i have installed pi 5.53 on hp-UX with oracle database.

reports are downloading to much slow when i download reports in pdf from with all drill down.

please give me solution.

Honored Contributor

Re: downloading slow reports

Number of elements in your report is directly proportional to the download time. Try to work with smallar drill downs.
Mahmoud Sabry
Trusted Contributor

Re: downloading slow reports

Hi Muhammad,

Please, go to your web access server and navigate to the "Administration" tab and select the "Java Settings" from the left banner and tell me about the default settings you have.

also, as my former friend said the no of sub-details (no of drill-down) is affecting the download time for the report.

tell me more about your report (drill-downs , no of graphs, tables used , time-history depth...etc).


Re: downloading slow reports

Thanks for Reply,

for example, when i Executive summary Device Summary Report all drill download which is consist of graphs and numerical data, it takes to much time for download while its report size is 22.8MB.

NIC speed is 1 GB link.

Reports downloading slow in pdf format. while WAS java size is 1024
Mahmoud Sabry
Trusted Contributor

Re: downloading slow reports

Hi Muhammed,

22MB of a pdf exported is large from PI WAS perspective and it should take time to be exported.

So, i think you should try minimizing the report size itself by excluding any uninterested nodes,drill-downs or graphs , and in case it's not allowable, so you should divide the report to sub reports .