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Re: .dvdimage how to burn to DVD

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Occasional Contributor

.dvdimage how to burn to DVD

I did downloaded HP-UX 11i v3 OE .dvdimage files.


I tried to use NERO or ROXIO to burn the boot ISO but not succesfull.


Please give me instruction how to put the .dvdimages files to DVD for HPUX





Honored Contributor

Re: .dvdimage how to burn to DVD

The product IMGBURN works well.


I would think Nero should work too, though.  When moving the file to DVD you have to  make sure you choose an option like "Write Image file to disc" or "Write Image file to DVD".


You can't just copy a ISO or DVDIMAGE file to a disk as it will not do what you need.

Occasional Advisor

Re: .dvdimage how to burn to DVD

We used to burn the hp-ux image in a dvd using poweriso, which is freely available. And burn it ina slow rate would be advisable. We done it for os upgrade in hp-ux

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Re: .dvdimage how to burn to DVD

Thanks Patrick.


Downloaded imgburn and it was able to burn dvd boot image.


Worked !!!