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edit pcl file


edit pcl file


I need to edit a file that has pcl code in it.
I noticed that all the lines ( opening in Qedit) have a "?" like this:
+8? .&a06440v03340H.&f0S.

I don't know pcl code, but I would like to cut and paste. I've done this, but I lose the "?" at the beginning of the file. How do I edit the file to keep the question mark?
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: edit pcl file

That's most likely an escape char.

What editors are you using?  Which do you have available?

Occasional Advisor

Re: edit pcl file

You can only edit PCL in a binary editor or extraneous characters get introduced.


PCLFilter.exe can search and replace escape codes.  It comes with PCLWorks program.


PCLSplit.exe creates form overlay or placeable logo/signature/letterhead macros from any Windows application. It also comes with PCLWorks program.


PCLCodes.exe translates PCL into readable English for debugging and learning PCL.  It comes with PCLWorks program.


PCLXForm.exe can stream edit PCL (search, replace, merge, change tray assignments, add - macro, logo, overlay and other resources, etc.).  It comes with PCLTool SDK along with a port monitor to capture the PCL spool file and redirect it.  And, all the other programs come with the SDK as well.


PCLReader.exe is a freeware PCL viewer/converter.


Domains for all can be found at or by replacing the .exe with .com.