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emacs question..

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emacs question..


forgot to give points to the people who helped me a lot .. --;
sure i will,,,,,..

my question is
is there any way to save and restore emacs session(?) ? kde restores previous session when loggin on..
(when i login to my linux box, kde restores all the web addresses on konquer.. how convinient !!)

in emacs.
i hate to open up all files in several frames that i worked on last time.

any suggestion?

thank you!

Re: emacs question..

i use konquer,
and it gives me 404 error when i tried to give points,

i just tried mozilla, and it didn't
so i gave points to all.

by the way,
mozilla , konquer any difference or preference?
Nodir Gulyamov
Occasional Visitor

Re: emacs question..

I think you can restore all files in emacs by lisp script. I am experementing right now, therefore the working code is not ready yet.

And second about difference of Mozilla and Konquer. A lot of features are same, but if you browsing through proxy server, which require authorization, konquer doesn't supprt it.

Re: emacs question..


lisp .. hmm
i c..
let me try..

let me know if u found the solution already :)

Re: emacs question..

from emacs manual


You can use the Desktop library to save the state of Emacs from one session to another. Saving the state means that Emacs starts up with the same set of buffers, major modes, buffer positions, and so on that the previous Emacs session had.

To use Desktop, you should use the Customization buffer (see section Easy Customization Interface) to set desktop-enable to a non-nil value, or add these lines at the end of your `.emacs' file:


The first time you save the state of the Emacs session, you must do it manually, with the command M-x desktop-save. Once you have done that, exiting Emacs will save the state again--not only the present Emacs session, but also subsequent sessions. You can also save the state at any time, without exiting Emacs, by typing M-x desktop-save again.

so, this solves most of my problem, but this doesn't open up frames that i opened..
i think i should be satisfied with this at this point.

if anybody know the solution..
plz share the info..


Re: emacs question..


i found there r many useful pakages for emacs which are *.el files..
which directory do i put these files??

thank you