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evault and binary translation

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evault and binary translation

hi all


we re looking into evault as a backup alternative to data protector:


I looked thru their support manual. Only hpux had this, the others (solaris, windows,aix) did not:

Added support for HP-UX 11i (11.31) on PA-RISC and on IA-64 in Binary Translation


we asked the evault support and this is the response:


I did some research into your question and found that the binary translation is to allow the evault agent to be compatible with the HP-UX system. I was able to find information about the Binary compatibility from the following HP site.

im a bit confused as i thought they would answer that "this is need for this" but theyre just pointing back to hp.


anyone run into this?


thx in advance




Dennis Handly
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Re: evault and binary translation (aries)

>I thought they would answer that "this is need for this" but they're just pointing back to HP.


This means they haven't ported their application to Integrity and are using PA-RISC executables.

Perhaps their product is I/O bound and so doesn't need the CPU performance?

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Re: evault and binary translation (aries)

thx that doenst sound good.....