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experiences with metalink NOTE 43507.1 "ALERT:HP-UX: Patch Levels Advised" ?

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experiences with metalink NOTE 43507.1 "ALERT:HP-UX: Patch Levels Advised" ?

I've seen recently that there is
NOTE 43507.1 ALERT:HP-UX: Patch Levels Advised

Anybody aware of pitfalls? (...just want to avoid "surprises" during my next maintenance window)

Any comments appreciated-
tia, Tom.
Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor

Re: experiences with metalink NOTE 43507.1 "ALERT:HP-UX: Patch Levels Advised" ?


Don't think there should be as these are the General Release patches from HP aside from the ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch , but this shouldn't fairly standard.
I've upgraded one 11.0 system using the March 02 patch release and running database and had no problems.

Only by ignoring what everyone think is important, can you be aware of what everyone ignores!
Stephen Andreassend
Regular Advisor

Re: experiences with metalink NOTE 43507.1 "ALERT:HP-UX: Patch Levels Advised" ?

I have recently setup a machine from scratch.

Install HPUX, which installs a patchset from the Support CD, then install the March 2002 Quality Pack patchset, then install PHKL_26800.

Once done, check you have all the required patches:
swlist -l patch |grep PHKL_25525
swlist -l patch |grep PHKL_25475
swlist -l patch |grep PHKL_21180
swlist -l patch |grep PHNE_25116
swlist -l patch |grep PHNE_25385
swlist -l patch |grep PHKL_24027
swlist -l patch |grep PHKL_20915
swlist -l patch |grep PHCO_23792
swlist -l patch |grep PHSS_24381
swlist -l patch |grep PHKL_18543
swlist -l patch |grep PHCO_16438
swlist -l patch |grep PHNE_21767
swlist -l patch |grep PHSS_24303
swlist -l patch |grep PHCO_23963
swlist -l patch |grep PHCO_24148
swlist -l patch |grep PHCO_20555
swlist -l patch |grep PHSS_25447
swlist -l patch |grep PHKL_26800

All should say "applied". You are strongly advised to install the latest Oracle patchset too.