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fbackup poblem

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fbackup poblem

exit code=2 comming while taking fbackup
in hp-ux 10.20 the error is as follows
Full backup started on mild220 : Thu Oct 23 07:01:08 IST 2008 (Scheduled Backup)
{ fbackup -0 -u -g /etc/sam/br/graphNFAa01890 -I /var/sam/log/br_index.full -c /etc/sam/br/fbackup_config -d /var/adm/fbackupfiles/dates -f /dev/rmt/0m } 2>&1
Full backup failed on mild220 : Thu Oct 23 07:01:14 IST 2008 .
Exit code = 2

the dat drive used is dds4 server model is HP D CLASS 9000
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Re: fbackup poblem

Did this DDS4 drive ever worked before on that server?

Hope this helps!

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Aneesh Mohan
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Re: fbackup poblem

Hi Rohit,

Refer to this doc which shows some common causes for exit code 2:

Sreejith Kaliyam
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Re: fbackup poblem