/ file system 100%

Eric Jacklin
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/ file system 100%


Would you please advise me how to reduced the /.

I am new to linux and we have redhat enterprise 4

Matt Palmer_2
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Re: / file system 100%


the first thing I would do is look in /var/log to see if you have masses of log files that you could maybe truncate or move to another location.

ls -al /var/log

let me know what you find


Steven E. Protter
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Re: / file system 100%


cd /

du -k | sort -rn | more

Find what is big and make some cuts.

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muruganantham raju
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Re: / file system 100%

Hi Kevin,
Find all the files of huge size in your sysetm and delete them if not required.

For e.g to find all the files of size nearly 1GB, execute the following.

find / -size +1000000000c -exec ls -lrt {}\;

This will identify the space occupiers in your box.

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Re: / file system 100%

First check whether the core file exist in the /
Second files whose size is increasing continuously if it is log file move it another filesystem. If it is data file change the configuration of the application so it generates the data file on some other filesystem
John Guster
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Re: / file system 100%

if the allocated size of / is small, increase it to 1GB. Cleaning is also a good one.
Elmar P. Kolkman
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Re: / file system 100%

As for the commands above, there are some tweaks to make them ONLY work on /, and not on all filesystems mounted under it:

# du -akx / | sort -n | tail -100

Will give you the 100 locations on / using the largest amounts of space.

# find / -xdev -size +50M -exec ls -asdl {} ';' | sort -n
will give you all files on / using more then 50 Mb. Using a larger number might help, but directories containing large number of files will not show. The -xdev will make it only run on the / filesystem.

Since you haven't shown the df output, it is hard to find out where the space has gone. If for instance there is no seperate /home filesystem, it might be someone has put something BIG in his/her homedirectory.

Start by doing above commands and if you need more help, post some of the output.
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