find out passwd..

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find out passwd..

two linux systems are on box
but somebody who have controlled are moved other company .
I am trying to log in the systems but can't
is there any other way to login ?
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Re: find out passwd..


Try boot the system as single user mode.

from lilo prompt

boot: linux 1 or linux s
1 for "runlevel 1"
s or S or single for "single usermode"

Good luck
Stuart Browne
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Re: find out passwd..

If you want access to the system in Multi-user mode however you'll have to reset the password (using the 'passwd' command) whilst in Single user mode.

I'm unaware of a way to 'decrypt' the encrypted passwords on a modern Linux system without having the original password first.
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Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: find out passwd..

Hi there.
Only way is starting system in single user mode.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Ceesjan van Hattum
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Re: find out passwd..

In addition to the above, if you do not know the root password:
Once booted in single-user-mode (runlevel 1) you will not be asked for a root password. Do 'vi /etc/passwd' and delete the crypted password characters or '*' character.
Then with passwd you will not be asked to enter the old password. You can set your own. From that moment, you regain full control of the system.
Console-access required.

This trick works for almost all (l)unix systems. Only difference is how-to get into single user mode. But it always starts with the interruption of the early boot sequence.

Good luck
Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: find out passwd..

If you can't get into root
using sudo or other utilities
you will need to boot
single-user mode.

Check the file /etc/lilo.conf
to see if a password is set there. It might be the root password.

Also check /etc/fstat or
lilo.conf to determine what
the mount point for / is.
If you have problem booting
to single user mode, get a
rescue disk from

Once you are running as root
you can use passwd to change
the password. You don't need
the old password.

Shutdown and reboot and you
should be fine