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fortran f77

Ouri David
Frequent Advisor

fortran f77

I need to compile large dimensions
using Linux

e.g dimension aa (256000000)
the f77 compiler says
too large to handle.
Can you advice us if we need special
compiler options ao changes to the kerneli
Gregory Fruth
Esteemed Contributor

Re: fortran f77

It would help if you gave more information, like a
source code example and the exact error message
you got.

Presumably you're using GNU g77. Check the g77
and gcc documentation (type "info g77" and "info gcc").

Lahey also makes a version of their excellent
Fortran95 compiler LF95 for Linux.
See I believe there's a free
demo version.


Frequent Advisor

Re: fortran f77

Are you using single or double precision? Determine the amount
of memory you need for the array.
Then check if you have this much
space. If you do then try increasing
your stack size.