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free space file system

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free space file system

When liberate space to file system is not reflected the changes when executing the command bdf but with the command du I can see the free space.
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Elena Leontieva
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Re: free space file system

Con O'Kelly
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Re: free space file system


This is a common problem when files are deleted but a process still keeps that file handle open.

There are bascially 2 options:

1. reboot the system.

2. identify the process that has the file open & kill that process. The best way to do that is with lsof.
# lsof .

Then its a bit of guessing game looking for ordinary files (that have no name in the lsof output) and that have sizes that closely match the discrepancies in the bdf & du outputs.

I usually sort the lsof output on the size field and go from there.
Often it can be fairly obvious which files are the culprits. Once you've identified them, if possible kill the process that has them open and you shoudl get your space back.