freezing hp6710b

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freezing hp6710b

Hello, I've rather big problem with hp6710b and debian.
description - computer totaly freeze, not response on alt+ctrl+del, alt+ctrl+backspace, not response from network ping or ssh anything what i can do is push power button over 8 sec.

What I have allready test:
* change all posibilities in bios setting.
* upgrade bios
* test stable and unstable debian version. Xorg driver i got from testing line xserver-xorg-video-intel
* ia32 microcode
* smp with and without
* minimal kernel 2.6.22 compiled by hand
* off wireless driver
* memtest goes 20times ok
* cpu burn ok

I can't catch any information about what happend because anything what a can do is push power button.

now i'm testing old i810 graphics driver, so far is good but that only 5h.

What I haven't done yet - test under windows too exclude for 100% it's software problem.

ps. Sorry for my english, I know it's not good, but i'm striving.

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Re: freezing hp6710b

From my short time in the industry, I would have to say it is 1 of three things:

1.) Bad Memory
2.) Bad Hard Drive
3.) Bad System Board

If possible, try swapping out the laptops memory getting a really nice Linux memory tester that will check each area of your systems memory. I'd also try fsck (just to be safe). I've also dealt with a lot of leaky (popped) capacitors in the past as well that would allow a system to boot and run for some time, and then freeze when the leaky caps raised in temperature. Hope these tips help!!
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Re: freezing hp6710b


Your laptop shipped with a bootable diagnostic cd. Boot from it and run hardware diagnostics. It can also be downloaded using another computer from hp's website.

You might also try a more standard configuration and stock kernel. Some of our hand compiled directives may not be compatible with your system.

Also, I would not try Linux on low end HP laptops. They are not certified for the OS and don't do Linux very well.

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Re: freezing hp6710b


I'm not realy sure about that but I think it can be problem with memory conflict with graphics card (shared mem).

I try to make some test about that, watch how much memory being used near freez.

Thx for Your time and tips.

ps. the last test will be windows ;]