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from 11.11 to 11.23

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from 11.11 to 11.23

Can we upgrade the OS from the version 11.11 to 11.23 in online, or we need to do only the cold installation, so the term cold installation in the sense , its like a new OS installation right ?

Please share the steps to upgrade the OS versions in HP-unix

Thanks in advance!!!!!
Patrick Wallek
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Re: from 11.11 to 11.23

It is possible to use update_ux to upgrade from 11.11 to 11.23.

You are correct in that a "cold install" is like a new OS installation. You are essentially wiping out whatever was on the disk and installing the OS as new.

>>Please share the steps to upgrade the OS versions in HP-unix

Have a look at the 11.23 documentation for upgrading the OS.

The lastest installation and update manual is:

HP-UX 11i v2 Installation and Update Guide, December 2007
Tim Nelson
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Re: from 11.11 to 11.23

yes you can upgrade from 11.11 to 11.23 BUT it is not recommeded. Failure rate is around 50% leaving the sytem unusable and there are many leftovers that may drive you crazy for years to come. The upgrade success can be increased by removing as many optional packages as possible, e.g. apache, glance, etc.. etc..

The prefered method is to cold/new install the OS, add patches, cold/new install the application and mirgrate your data from the old system to the new. ( plus this method has the advantage of leaving the old environment around as a fall back incase of emergency)

Most application vendors (depends on application) do not recommend upgrades either as it typically would require an upgrade of the application software but the application is now in limbo due to the OS upgrade. but certainly check with their support as well.

Benoy Daniel
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Re: from 11.11 to 11.23

Using cold install you can ignite 11.31 to a free disk and import all VG's back.
Wim Rombauts
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Re: from 11.11 to 11.23

I recently "upgraded" from 11.23 to 11.31 using the cold-install method.

A cold install is a lot of work anyway, certainly if you have a lot of customizations (like we have). You will have to reconfigure everything again from scratch. Probably a few configuration files can b erestored from backup.

If you have to upgrade multiple systems (like we had), you could cold install the first one (it may take days to complete all site-specific post install configurations), and use an Ignite backup to install the other systems (takes a few hours). That saves you a lot of manual configuration work on all systems, and makes the one-time cold install with manual configuration worth te effort.

If you have only one system to upgrade, why not try update-ux as first option. If it works, fine, you saved yourself a lot of work. If it doesn't, you can still switch to cold install.

And beside the fact that many of my forum members say that upgrading is error prone and not recommended, I heard that update-ux has improved a lot lately and is not so bad anymore as in the past.

At the other hand, when you choose to cold install, you may as well go to 11.31 in one go. 11.23 is nearing it's end-of-life, just as 11.11 is. The lifetime of 11.31 is a lot longer.
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Re: from 11.11 to 11.23

I think the same, if you are going to upgrade you are better of cold installing to 11.31.
Windows?, no thanks
Kranti Mahmud
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Re: from 11.11 to 11.23

Hi gany59,

Check out the below link:

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Re: from 11.11 to 11.23


U can upgrade from 11.11 to 11.23 which is straight forward procedure but u should take all kinds of backup before this activity as precaution. After upgrading , all file system as well as evrything should be same as well.