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gcc error

Frequent Advisor

gcc error

hello all! I currently need to compile a program using gcc. however that program outputs an error about
_IOREAD undeclared. I noticed that this is because this is not defined in stdio.h. Is there a work around I could use to still be able to compile the program? Is there a flag or option for this?

thanks for any help! :)
Jairo Campana
Trusted Contributor

Re: gcc error

define _IOREAD in stdio.h

see :

or see:
/* @(#)stdio.h 1.1 (Berkeley) 3/9/81 */
/* Modified for Sun: BUFSIZE set to 512. Per Bothner 82/Jun/14 */
/* ifdef Vsystem hack: Bothner June 83 */
#ifdef Vsystem
#define BUFSIZ 512
#define _NFILE 20
# ifndef FILE
extern struct _iobuf {
int _cnt;
char *_ptr;
char *_base;
int _bufsiz;
short _flag;
char _file;
} _iob[_NFILE];
# endif

#define _IOREAD 01
#define _IOWRT 02
#define _IONBF 04
#define _IOMYBUF 010
#define _IOEOF 020
#define _IOERR 040
#define _IOSTRG 0100
#define _IOLBF 0200
#define _IORW 0400
#define NULL 0
#define FILE struct _iobuf
#define EOF (-1)

#define stdin (&_iob[0])
#define stdout (&_iob[1])
#define stderr (&_iob[2])
#define getc(p) (--(p)->_cnt>=0? *(p)->_ptr++&0377:_filbuf(p))
#define getchar() getc(stdin)
#define putc(x,p) (--(p)->_cnt>=0? ((int)(*(p)->_ptr++=(unsigned)(x))):_flsbuf((unsigned)(x),p))
#define putchar(x) putc(x,stdout)
#define feof(p) (((p)->_flag&_IOEOF)!=0)
#define ferror(p) (((p)->_flag&_IOERR)!=0)
#define fileno(p) ((p)->_file)

FILE *fopen();
FILE *fdopen();
FILE *freopen();
long ftell();
char *fgets();

Esteemed Contributor

Re: gcc error


Could be that you have coruped headear files
of your gcc or you just need to patch them.