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grub problem

Hi all,
I-ve a problem with grub.
My system has a dual boot Windows 2000- Linux RHAS 3.0.
when i try to load windows i get this message:
rootnoverify (hd0,0)

What is the problem?
Any suggestion?
Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: grub problem

first edit /etc/grub.conf
and add a line
chainloader +1
right below the line
rootnoverify (hd0,0).
save and reboot
I guess that Windows is installed on first partiton...
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Re: grub problem

but the problem is another.
Windows don't start because does not recognise more the partition NTFS.
I think it' s a partition problem, grub is configured correctly. The problem is only for windows.
I need something to repair the windows partition.
Jerome Henry
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Re: grub problem

What do you mean by repair a partition ?
Can you boot windows from a windows CD or rescue disk ?

You can lean only on what resists you...
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Re: grub problem

if i put the win2000 cdrom,
it asks to me where install the system. It doesn't recognize the C: as fat32 or ntfs, so it would format it to reinstall windows.
If i load linux, i' m unable to mount the windows partition, but with fdisk i obtain:

/dev/hda1 win95 fat 32

I try to mount it but nothing
If i should be able to mount it, i could at least backup the windows files
Vernon Brown_4
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Re: grub problem

fdisk will show win95 FAT even though the partition may be a mounted linux file system.

You can use
df -h
to see if linux does use that partition.

On my Fedora Core 1 system, fdisk shows hda3 to be win95 FAT 32 however hda3 is mounted as /var/www and is running a server at /var/www

df -h shows it correctly.

Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: grub problem

Boot from win2000 installation disk and enter rescue mode.Then run file system checker utility .
dskcheck /R
Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: grub problem

Try running od -c -N 512 /dev/hda1 and see
if you have overwritten the boot sector.

If you have there should be a valid backup
boot block on sector a few block down the
partition. I don't think Windows has a tool
to recover the backup boot block. If there
is I didn't find it when I needed it.

I think the backup block is offset 6 or 16 blocks from the start of the partition, You
will have to check the Windows documentation.