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hard drive 60 gb

Dolores Postema
New Member

hard drive 60 gb

I want to increase more on my hardrive I would like to go to 320 gb How do I do this
Honored Contributor

Re: hard drive 60 gb

Welcome to the ITRC forums!

First, what is the capacity of your current physical disk(s)? If the total capacity is 60 GB, you'll have to install one or more new disks. To be able to help you more in this, we would have to know what kind of hardware you have.

But if you, for example, have a total disk capacity of 320 GB but only 60 GB has been partitioned/allocated for use, you can go ahead.

The next questions will be: how's your system partitioned and are you using LVM?

If you're using LVM, there should be no problems in extending any partition on the fly without rebooting, if your Linux distribution has the appropriate tools available. (So which Linux distribution and version are you using?)

If you are using traditional disk partitions instead of LVM, you can extend only the partition that is adjacent to free space on the disk. Usually this means the *last* partition created. The procedure is basically to extend the partition using fdisk, then reboot to make the system see the new partition table, then use the appropriate filesystem extension tools to actually make the new space useful.

Converting a non-LVM system to full LVM layout is a complex operation: sometimes it will actually be easier to reinstall the OS and let the installer build a LVM layout from the very beginning.