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hardware diagnosetic tools for Linux on RX2600?


hardware diagnosetic tools for Linux on RX2600?


any one know of any diagnosetic tools installed on linux for rx2600?

Ivajlo Yanakiev
Respected Contributor

Re: hardware diagnosetic tools for Linux on RX2600?

Yes :)

But it isn't so easy :)
Rick Beldin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: hardware diagnosetic tools for Linux on RX2600?

I believe that the hardware diagnostic tools get installed into an EFI partition on the disk. I think that the LEK - the Linux Enablemeent kit - will create the appropriate partitions - will be necessary to install the diags.

If you go to>Servers->Integrity->rx2600 and then to drivers for RH you;ll get to the link that discusses the LEK.

The HP Enablement Kit for Linux® CD is a set of utilities that prepares the Integrity server for installation or recovery of a Linux operating system. When your system is ready, the enablement kit prompts you to insert Linux distribution media (e.g. Red Hat or SuSE installation CDs.)

The enablement kit CD also allows you to install a golden image on one or more systems, provides tools to evaluate and repair your operating system, and gives you access to the Debian GNU/Linux Installer if that is the Linux distribution you prefer to use.
features and benefits

The enablement kit CD automates the following processes:

* Hardware discovery
* Disk partitioning
* Configuration of storage controllers
* Linux installation from distributor media (e.g., CD-Rom)
* Recovery of a pre-installed operating system.

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