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help me copy via "find"

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Valued Contributor

help me copy via "find"

I want to copy all the rpm under /rep directory to /test directory

# ls /rep
i586 noarch x86_64

# ls /rep/i586/
a.rpm b.rpm c.rpm

# find /rep -name "*rpm" -exec cp -rv - /test {}\;

find: missing argument to `-exec'

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: help me copy via "find"

> ... -exec cp -rv - /test {}\;

You need a space before the backslash. Also I would think you would need the {} first?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: help me copy via "find"

# find /rep -name "*rpm" -exec cp -rv {} /test/ \;

But all files will end in /test - no subdirectories are being created.
Frequent Advisor

Re: help me copy via "find"


you can also use:

cd /rep
find . -name "*rpm" -print | cpio -pdvm /test/
Valued Contributor

Re: help me copy via "find"

excellent help
Dear Dennis Handly, yes I have to write "{}" before the destination (/test), as Uwe Zessin posted.

Nice help Dear Uwe Zessin, and Frank_W for the superb help ;)