help me in this part

Debasis Mishra
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help me in this part

Actually my friend give a task to me for give a report that what does this function is doing? Give the report. So i couldn't understand this. Please help me. The file is attached here.
Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: help me in this part

Welcome to the LINUX HP ITRC Forum

For starters, I hope you realize that this question has nothing what-so-ever to do with Linux, and everything to do with application programming.
There are elements of SQL, C, and even SAP programming in there, but really this is an application problem and as such you can not really expect much help from a bunch of helpful strangers liek the readers here.
Still, you might be lucky.

Anyway, the code presented is a small step in a pretty convuleted application soluition. THis step gather some 'standard SAP context' description from a database trhough dynamic SQL. It then read a parameter file "$TMP_DIR/epvl_nnnn_rpt.dat" and builds up string of SQL command details based on that parameter file and the other contexts.
Supposedly the calling module then uses those pieces of string to execute the desired SQL query which probably results in the REPORT generation which you hint to.

"Actually my friend give a task to me for give a report that what does this function is doing?"

With friends like that, who needs enemies!?
Seriously though... that friend had better be your boss or similar because this is serious, tedious, work you have been asked to do.

Good luck!