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high water mark

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John Flanagan
Regular Advisor

high water mark

Is it possible to find out what users / sessions were connected at the time of a high water mark?

Using Oracle 8i on HP-UX11.11


Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: high water mark

You'd probably have to install the oracle stats pack and collect data all day.

Or you could set up a little cron job to list users and sessions every five minutes and correlate that to the time the high water mark was reached.

Or a combination of the two. I'm not sure how to trap the time the high water mark was reached.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Jean-Luc Oudart
Honored Contributor

Re: high water mark

Hi John

You can also create a database trigger for when people enter or leave the database.
thsi is part of the documentation.

cf attachment

fiat lux
Kari Pannila
Frequent Advisor

Re: high water mark

Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean with: "at the time of a high water mark"

There is always a high water mark in database table, but it is mostly ment to be only for internal use of Oracle.

One thing you can do is "reset" the hwm by truncating the table (deletes all data), if you have deleted a lot of rows from a huge table. This might be needed for performance reasons.
Kari Pannila

Re: high water mark


John means the High Water Mark as the maximum number of users connected to the database at one time, not the high water mark as it relates to storage.