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how i can let root to login in Linux

Occasional Contributor

how i can let root to login in Linux

i can't use any user to ftp in linux
(Redhat 6.2),include root

i modify /etc/ftpuser and /etc/ftpaccess,
but couldn't yet.maybe i have a mistake with
it,who can tell me how to do? thank u!
Albert E. Whale, CISSP
Honored Contributor

Re: how i can let root to login in Linux

Per the Manpage, the ftp access file includes the definitions of the FTPD service.

First of all, check to insure that hte ftp daemon is in the /etc/services file.

Next, verify that there is an entry in the /etc/inetd.conf file. More than likely it is in both places.

Since the newer versions of Linux incorporate the tcp wrappers utility, you will also need to verify that the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny are allowing the use of the ftp service.

Other than that, if all else fails, they you should review the authentication process for the ftpd daemon.

1) The user name must be in the password data base, /etc/passwd, or whatever is appropriate for the operating system, and the password must not be null. In this case a password must be provided by the client before any file operations may be performed.

2) The user name must not appear in the file /etc/ftpusers.

3) The user must have a standard shell returned by getusershell(3).

4) If the user name is ``anonymous'' or ``ftp'', an anonymous ftp account must be present in the password file (user ``ftp''). In this case the user is allowed to log in by specifying any password (by convention this is given as the client host's name).

hope that helps.
Sr. Systems Consultant @ ABS Computer Technology, Inc. &

Re: how i can let root to login in Linux

I have not had ftp connection problems..but, I know that RH Linux by default has the file /etc/securetty, which prevents telnet connections by users other than root. It is documented on the Red Hat site.
Jiri Furst

Re: how i can let root to login in Linux

I have had no problems with ftp connection. I have made no changes in /etc/passwd, /etc/ftpusers ...
You should check if you have intalled FTP server (wu-ftpd-2.6.0-3.i386.rpm).
Next you should check if your login shell is in /etc/shells.
Francisco J. Soler
Honored Contributor

Re: how i can let root to login in Linux

To make a connection, in Red Hat, exist an improvement to security with pam.

To enter with root account in my linux box, i was make the following:

Edit the file /etc/pam.d/login and comment the line
auth required /lib/security/

with an #.

This works for me.

Linux?. Yes, of course.
Occasional Advisor

Re: how i can let root to login in Linux

Make sure that you install FTP Server.
One coming with RH6.2 is 'wu-ftpd'.
Checking by using command

# rpm -qi wu-ftpd

If you can not find that package, install it by ftp a package from Redhat webpage or search from

If you find that package, try to check config by using command

# /usr/sbin/ckconfig

And see if all configuration files are correct.