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how to install rhel5.1 on usb hdd


how to install rhel5.1 on usb hdd

hello ...

i am trying to install rhel5.1 on usb hdd, but it is not successfull.

It is showing as serious error cannot format /dev/sdb, while formatting / partition.

How to install rhel 5.1, on usb hdd, with windows vista home basic is running on dell inspiron 1545
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: how to install rhel5.1 on usb hdd


You may need to partition the usb disk with fdisk.

I suggest you boot the system with a live cd version of the OS, say Centos, but use 5.4, not 5.1. Then use fdisk -l to list devices and fdisk
To edit and set up partitions.

I have to warn you that though you can boot off of USB media and run Live of USB media, you may not be able to run the OS off this media using Windows as the boot manager.

Papa Bill Gates, the Big Brother of all computers does not build this into his boot manager.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Michael Sillers
Trusted Contributor

Re: how to install rhel5.1 on usb hdd

There are instructions for rhel that might work for you. It involves starting the install in expert mode. Type expert at the first prompt.When you get to disk partitioning, you should see your usb drive.