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how to java software in HPUX 11.00

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how to java software in HPUX 11.00

hi ,
iam new to hp , can any one tell me how to install java software in HP 11.00
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Re: how to java software in HPUX 11.00

First get the software.

Download and install with swinstall command.
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Re: how to java software in HPUX 11.00


Go to the following link, and download the version you want. It installs with swinstall

Ashwani Kashyap
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Re: how to java software in HPUX 11.00

Download Java for HPUX from here . The installation instructions comes along with it .
Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: how to java software in HPUX 11.00

You'll find the downloads at: and should choose SDK & RTE 1.4 there

Chose downloads PARISC2 from here, and then head to

[This means You need a version of cpu no older than maybe 6 years, this should be fine. enter 'model' at a shell prompt and let us know the output, if You're not sure.]

after that, You'll get to download a file.
ftp this over to the hp-ux system (binary mode) to a location with enough free space, i.e. /tmp/

the file is called something.depot in my example now (.depot means it's a software product)

cd /tmp
# call the installation utility in non-interactive mode and tell it to install both the SDK and RTE (as You filed Your posting under 'databases' I'll assume You need both)

swinstall -s /tmp/something.depot "*" @ /

the installation should now complete.

IF it fails, it will give You some information and ask You to run swjob . Run this, and read through the installation output. There can be various reasons, like a filesystem too small or missing patches.

Otherwise You should have Java installed now, test it with
/opt/java1.4/bin/java -version

if this works, also create a symlink to /usr/bin to make it available.

ln -s /opt/java1.4/bin/java /usr/bin/java
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